The eagerly anticipated series premiere of ABC's Quantico is tipped to break the internet. Bollywood superstar Priyanka Chopra makes her US TV debut as FBI trainee Alex Parrish, who goes on a mission to uncover the real mastermind behind a 9/11-like terror attack and in doing so, prove her innocence.

Chopra is a household name across the Indian diaspora and is now conquering the west. A former Miss World, she has also forged a career as an international recording artist collaborating with and Pitbull and she is one of Bollywood's leading stars.

A pioneer in her field, Chopra is now the first Indian actor to have scored a lead role in an international television series after signing a three-year deal with ABC.

In an interview with IBTimesUK she said she has relished the experience of working on a TV series with an international cast of actors.

"I just think it's been great to me to get to know Alex Parrish. When I've worked on features I just got to know where it starts where it ends what happens inbetween I don't have to discover her or create her as I go along. But with Alex I had no idea what's coming its almost like she's alive and I'm discovering what's happening as I go along with her," she explained.

"I think the great part about working in the show is the incredible actors that have worked with who have done so much and come together and created this ensemble. We have so many incredible actors that have come together and made this show what it is. It helps me so much because they have so much experience and I have zero experience of TV. So I watch them and I am aghast that I get to work with them. For me that's the best part to work with a bunch of supremely talented people."

With her face emblazoned over billboards on Sunset Strip and adorning yellow taxi cabs, the actress said the experience and the attention is overwhelming. "I have fans posting images of all the posters they see and they are really excited so I feel awesome about that," she said.

As the actress breaks new ground she has the support of her army of fans while her peers from the Indian film industry are also rooting for her. Putting paid to rumours of professional rivalries, stars such as Deepika Padukone, Bipasha Basu, Sushmita Sen, Anuskha Sharma and Sania Mirza have been tweeting their good wishes. Her Hollywood friends too have Chopra's back with Kerry Washington and Nick Cannon sending messages of support.

Described by The Hollywood Reporter as one of the top ten actors to watch, Priyanka Chopra 's star is not just rising, it's about to go stratospheric.