A prominent facial surgeon who was accused of "repeatedly punching" a patient in the face in a bid to fix a facial fracture has been struck off the medical register.

The incident occurred when Professor Ninian Peckitt, 63, was called to treat a patient at the Ipswich hospital in February 2012, where he was employed as a locum consultant in oral and maxillo-facial surgery.

The patient had suffered a fracture from an industrial accident in 2012 and had "extensive injuries" on the right side of his face that required attention.

Professor Peckitt allegedly asked a colleague to hold the anaesthetized head of the patient while he curled his hand into a fist, pulled it back roughly six inches and struck the patient nearly 10 times "like a boxer", a tribunal heard.

Professor Peckitt has denied all the allegations saying he is being driven into the case due to being a whistleblower.

Speaking to The Telegraph, Professor Peckitt said: "I'm not accepting that I punched the patient. But I am saying that I manually reduced the fracture because he was not fit for surgery."

The tribunal ruled Professor Peckitt's behavior was "fundamentally incompatible" with his medical profession saying the punches could have resulted in the patient suffering from "instantaneous blindness".

"The panel is of the view that the public interest requires that it be made clear that Mr Peckitt's behaviour is unacceptable in a member of the medical profession.The panel has determined to direct that Mr Peckitt's name be erased from the medical register," said Ian Spafford, the tribunal chairman.

Speaking at the tribunal, Erica Rapaport, an associate specialist in oral and maxilla-facial surgery and dental surgeon said: "I think the first time he punched the patient I wasn't holding the patient and it was then that I was instructed to do so by Prof Peckitt.

"He took aim and then punched. I can remember a feeling of total shock the first time he hit the patient. I didn't challenge him at the time. I was too shocked."

Prof. Peckitt did not attend the hearing.

He is presently employed as a consultant surgeon in Dubai.