As predicted by gaming industry analysts, Microsoft and Sony are now lifting the embargo on news related to its next-generation consoles. The Xbox Series X is ahead of its rival as journalists and influencers have already received press units a few months ago. Now, the PS5 is catching up and is apparently drawing more publicity for several reasons. One of those pertains to its size, which, many have described as massive and might require more space than its competitor.

At first glance, the PS5 appears deceptively compact thanks to its vertical design. On the other hand, the Microsoft Xbox Series X seems to be the bigger system due to its angular form factor. However, a side-by-side comparison using images scaled to each console's respective size reveals all.

To date, Sony's latest machine is by far the biggest one it has ever manufactured. Nevertheless, there are supposedly some benefits to its towering stature. Measuring 390 mm x 92 mm x 260 mm, it will not likely fit into most standard shelves or entertainment system racks.

As detailed by Vjeran Pavic from The Verge: "It's not as big as your average PC tower, but it's edging close to it. Having it positioned vertically next to a 55-inch TV does take away from some of its size, but I'm still shocked every single time I look at it." It actually towers above every other game system that has been released by Sony so far.

Moreover, its two-tone colourway and curved housing will immediately stand out among other devices. Nevertheless, it does not necessarily look bad when it stays exposed thanks to its unique aesthetic.

Most people who had some hands-on time with the PS5 report that the inner section that is in black has a glossy finish. Therefore, fingerprints and smudges are immediately visible. Thankfully, the outer shell sports a matte finish but could accumulate dust in the long run.

According to others, a close-up inspection of the white exterior shows that the rough textures are apparently the PlayStation symbols that cover the entire surface. The same could be said regarding the DualSense controller which also features textured surfaces similar to the PS5 unit.

Sony unveils the PS5 and its accessories
It appears the contour of the stand should be able to interchangeably hold the console on its side or on its bottom. Photo: Sony