PlayStation fans are reportedly worried that the PS5 might be shaping up as the weaker machine against Microsoft's new Xbox. This comes after a wave of disappointing announcements and a leak that makes it seem like Sony is playing catch-up to the Xbox Series X. It all started at The Game Awards 2019 where its rival console made its debut. The next was at the CES 2020 keynote presentation wherein SIE executive Jim Ryan just unveiled a logo but no game system. However, an industry insider shares some news that could help with its publicity.

On top of the evident blunders Sony had when it comes to the PlayStation 5, the biggest damage that was dealt came from alleged internal testing data leaks from AMD. The information was supposedly uploaded on GitHub which was then accessed by hackers.

Among the details indicated was the performance ratings of the chipsets for the Xbox Series X and PS5. According to sources, Microsoft's machine was capable of up to 12 teraflops, while Sony's device was pegged at just around 9.2 teraflops.

Meanwhile, an industry insider who was reliably sharing notable features about the PlayStation 5 before, believes the GPU testing results do no reflect accurate numbers. Kleegamefan, a ResetEra forums user, claims the current data is in conflict with a previous leak, reports Comic Book.

In contrast, the source believes the 12-teraflop GPU of the Xbox Series X might be accurate. Last year, it was implied that the PS5 was ahead of its competitor with dev kits already distributed to its partners. Nevertheless, it is a possibility that Microsoft's engineers have caught up as more of its dev kits have made its way to the majority of third-party game studios.

In a related article, the Sony Interactive Entertainment president and CEO recently revealed in an interview that there are exciting announcements to be made soon. "We haven't announced the bigger differences yet," he noted. Both Sony and Microsoft have not yet shared the final specifications except for features such as backward compatibility and high-speed SSD storage among other things. What consumers know is that the PS5 and Xbox Series X are scheduled to come out this holiday season.

Sony reveals new PlayStation 5 details
Sony's new PlayStation 5 console make players feel closer to the action of games, the company said AFP / CHARLY TRIBALLEAU