Quantico episode 4
Alex Parrish and Ryan Booth will spend some intimate moments in episode 5 titled Found ABC

Post the deadly Grand Central station blast, Alex Parrish has been on the run for the FBI, as they suspect her to be the mastermind behind the 9/11-like terror attack. However, the well-trained FBI rookie is giving a hard time to agent Liam O'Connor and is tracing clues that would prove her innocence.

As the series is showcasing the backstory as well as what is happening at present at Quantico, fans would get to see Parrish getting intimate with fellow rookie Ryan Booth during one of their training sessions. Meanwhile, in the present, she decides to make a public appearance in a live TV interview, to tell her side of the story and to let people know that she is being framed for a crime she has not done.

The official synopsis of episode 5 titled Found reads:

The trainees leave campus for the first time while undergoing their first undercover assignment. With an evening full of unpredictable events, Alex and Ryan find themselves getting close while the recruits' skills are tested. In the future, Alex decides to tell her side of the story and sits down for her first public interview leaving everyone watching to wonder who is really telling the truth.

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In the previous episode, agent Parrish receives help from fellow recruit Simon Asher, but Ryan forces him to make a choice. Parrish, however, finds out that the tiny piece of copper left in the bomb document found in her apartment, is from Shelby Wyatt's company, who is a government contractor.

Asher and Parrish decided to raid Wyatt's house, but nothing goes as planned, as FBI agents tracks Simon's car. By the end of the episode, the fugitive FBI agent gets hold of Shelby to extract the truth.

Quantico season 1 episode 5 titled Found will air this Sunday (25 October) on ABC.