After that intense episode 8, where Priyanka Chopra's Alex Parrish faced emotional turmoil both in the present and future timeline, Quantico fans will have to wait until the end of January to find out more about the cliffhanger twist. Cue Ryan Booth! The ABC show will be on a break post the winter finale titled ODENVY, and will return with a brand new episode on 23 January.

If you missed out on the Ryan twist in the action-filled episode 8, click here to watch it live online on the official website of ABC. You can also catch up with the entire season 2 that has been aired so far, before episode 9 is aired in January on a new day (Monday) at 10pm EST.

Until Quantico returns again in the New Year, fans have one major cliffhanger to brood over — the part where Ryan is revealed to be one of the masked men of Citizens Liberation Front. Does that mean he has sided with the terrorists?

One moment he is seen proposing to Alex in their secret place at the Farm (in the present timeline) and the other moment he locks Alex up threatening to detonate the bioweapon.

Considering the trend of the show, it is unlikely for Ryan to have changed sides without enough pressing reasons. Even showrunner Josh Safran seems to indicate that the story line gets into "morally gray areas" possibly triggering the other side in the AIC recruits — Ryan, Leon and Dayana.

Speaking of the three, fan theories suggest that the successful recruits could be working together, and perhaps it is Leon and Dayana, who led the terrorists to Alex, Sebastian and Harry. Anything could be possible, as Safran neither dismissed the theories nor confirmed them, but he did have some revelations about Ryan.

"We always knew we were doing to do this. This has always been part of the plan since Day 1. It wasn't a twist for twist's sake," the Quantico boss admitted.

As for the other side of Ryan's life, his relationship with Alex that had fans swooning when he slipped on the ring in episode 8 might be headed for a bleak future. Indeed they break up in the future timeline, but Safran says that "something happens that causes you to look at things differently".

Apart from Alex and Ryan, major revelations are also coming up about Harry and his mysterious handler Charlotte, Owen's connection with the dead Helen Sharp, and Nimah's plan surrounding her sister Raina.

Quantico returns with its mid-season premiere on 23 January at 10pm EST on ABC.

Priyanka Chopra as Alex Parrish in season 2 of ABC series Quantico Quantico/ABC