Remedy Entertainment, the developer behind Xbox and PC titles Quantum Break and Alan Wake, has announced it is developing its Northlight engine for PlayStation 4 as it plans to go fully cross-platform for the first time since 2003.

The news was announced in a blog post following the company's financial results for the 2016 fiscal year, which included year-on-year revenue growth of 19.4% to €16.4m (£14m, $17.4m) and an operating profit of €3.9m.

In the post, Remedy revealed its current projects. One is Crossfire 2, sequel to a hugely popular shooter in Asia, which Remedy is aiding developer Smilegate with. The other, it says, is a new project codenamed "P7".

"The company's strategy is to release the game on a wider range of platforms, which is why Remedy is developing its Northlight technology for PlayStation 4 consoles," reads the post.

Remedy's first Xbox exclusive was Alan Wake, released back in 2010, which was followed by mobile titles Death Rally and Agents of Storm, Wake sequel American Nightmare and experimental video/TV series hybrid Quantum Break last year.

Quantum Break was a third-person action game split up with episodes of a live-action television series. The game was met with generally positive reviews, but our own called it a "glossy, charmless, wholly moderate outing" for Remedy.

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