Charles and Queen Consort Camilla will be welcomed with military honours in Germany
King Charles III and Queen Camilla AFP News

Queen Consort Camilla's hairstylist Jo Hansford shared her thoughts about the upcoming coronation and her concern over the hairstyle needed for the event.

Hansford has worked with the Duchess of Cornwall for 35 years, which means they share a close relationship. But despite this, she treats the Queen Consort like she treats her other clients, with respect and honesty.

This means being honest about what she thinks about the upcoming coronation. When asked during an interview on BBC Radio 4 by host Nuala McGovern about what people might expect from Queen Consort Camilla at the ceremony she said, "I think she'll look gorgeous" adding that she thinks Camilla is "nervous like any other person would be nervous."

Hansford also talked about beauty preparations especially concerning the appropriate hairstyle that can accommodate a crown. She shared her concerns about the difficult task of "putting the crown on without changing the style."

Unfortunately, she would not be there to assist the duchess saying "How that happens, I don't know because I won't be there — I'll be watching it on the telly." But she is certain that Camilla's "hair will look the same as it always looks, and it does look good now." She noted, "In photos, it looks so much better — the color because it's softer and warmer."

Hansford also pointed out that Camilla's hair colour has changed over the years explaining, "Skin tones change...somebody who was dark brown when they were 20, certainly shouldn't be dark brown when they are 60...It needs to be a transition of being lighter, softer."

Queen Consort Camilla will wear the crown Queen Mary wore when she was crowned alongside her husband King George V in 1911. The heirloom features 2,200 diamonds and will reportedly include the Cullinan III, IV, and V diamonds that were part of the late Queen Elizabeth II's personal jewellery collection.

As for King Charles III, he will reportedly wear two crowns. First is the St. Edward Crown which was created for King Charles II in 1661. Then as he leaves the ceremony he will swap it for the Imperial State Crown, which Queen Elizabeth II wore for her coronation in 1953 and was last seen placed on the late monarch's coffin during her funeral in September 2022.

Hansford echoed what Queen Consort Camilla's son Tom Parker Bowles said during last week's interview on the Apple News podcast "The News Agents" about how his mother is feeling ahead of the coronation. He thinks that she is nervous saying, "I think anyone would be anxious on an occasion of this sort of importance in terms of the historical. And yes, I think I'd be terrified if I had to sort of walk out wearing ancient robes...She's 75, but you know, it's tough to do it. But she's never complained. You just do it. get on with it."

The food writer and critic is the 75-year-old's son from her first marriage to Andrew Parker Bowles. Despite the anxiety leading up to the coronation, he said that both his mother and King Charles III are "doing amazingly."

Queen Consort Camilla will drop the "Consort" title and will officially just be called "Queen Camilla" after the coronation in London's Westminster Abbey on May 6. In her public message during the Platinum Jubilee in June 2022, the late Queen Elizabeth II made it clear that it was her sincere wish that her daughter-in-law be called "Queen Consort" when her son, then Prince Charles, becomes king. The public has since raised their concerns over the title change after the coronation since it allegedly goes against the late monarch's wishes. But royal experts argued that it is only right for the duchess to take over the late monarch's title as she will become the reigning queen.