Those close to Queen Elizabeth II are said to be upset that Prince Philip's memorial was marred by Prince Andrew.

An image of the 95-year old entering Westminster Abbey holding on to the arm of the Duke of York has reportedly overshadowed the Thanksgiving service for the Duke of Edinburgh. It became a topic of heated discussion and conversations among royal followers and experts. Some expressed their disbelief while others thought it was only natural for him to be there at his father's memorial.

However, the fact that Prince Andrew was the one who escorted Queen Elizabeth II has reportedly upset those within her circle. A source told People that those "around the Queen are sad that all everyone was talking about is Prince Andrew and not Prince Philip."

It is said that Prince William and Prince Charles were dismayed too and that the latter had disagreed with Her Majesty about his brother's appearance. He had not wanted the disgraced royal to join the family for the service, but the Queen insisted and the Prince of Wales' unwanted opinion reportedly only irritated her.

Royal commentator Robert Jobson claimed there was uneasiness among senior royals over the Queen's decision. But it showed that "she wholeheartedly loves and believes her son" and that she "has faith in Andrew."

Prince Andrew's appearance at Prince Philip's memorial came after he settled his sexual abuse case out of court against Virginia Roberts Giuffre. There were questions raised if he would appear at the service or not given the scandal he brought to the monarchy.

But he not only joined the memorial but was given a prominent role and was front and centre during the service at Westminster Abbey. This has upset Prince Charles who does not want him to be in any public engagements moving forward.

Yet there are reports that the 62-year-old Prince Andrew will once again have a major role during the Platinum Jubilee celebrations for Queen Elizabeth II in June. It is believed that Prince Andrew will escort her to the Epsom Derby, which experts fear will only backfire for the Royal Family.

Prince Andrew and Queen Elizabeth II
Prince Andrew and Queen Elizabeth II at Prince Philip's memorial on March 29. Photo by: RICHARD POHLE/POOL/AFP via Getty Images RICHARD POHLE/POOL/AFP via Getty Images