Royal family members, especially Prince Charles and Prince William, were said to be dismayed over the decision to let Prince Andrew escort Queen Elizabeth II to Prince Philip's memorial.

The Duke of York was with his mother during the car ride from Windsor to Westminster Abbey. He also walked her to her seat inside the abbey. It was his first public appearance since he settled his sexual abuse case out of court with Virginia Roberts Giuffre.

The fact that he was given a prominent role at Prince Philip's memorial reportedly left many senior royals upset. They had hoped that "common sense would prevail" and that he would not have been given the role of escort, knowing that the service would be aired live. It had reportedly caused "consternation."

"It would be a great shame if the service was overshadowed by all of this. There is a strong sense of regret that this has happened," a source said to be close to the royal family told the Daily Mail.

Prince Andrew was "front and centre" at the memorial service and this has infuriated the public, especially those who believe he is guilty of sexual abuse. But by allowing her son to escort him, Queen Elizabeth II proved her support for her son and showed the public that it was time to move forward.

"This was her way of quietly showing "OK, he messed up really badly, this was a disgrace, but he is my son,'" former BBC royal correspondent Jennie Bond told The Express.

Another ex-BBC correspondent, Peter Hunt, claimed it "was an active choice to give" Prince Andrew such a prominent role. He said Her Majesty "endorsing" the Duke of York "didn't happen by chance" because "he could have sat in the congregation with others, with his relatives, but they actively decided that he would have this role of supporting her."

It is said that Queen Elizabeth II "insisted" that Prince Andrew should join her in the car ride to Westminster Abbey and that he should walk her down the aisle to her seat. It reportedly showed that she "wholeheartedly loves and believes his son."

Prince Andrew escorts Queen Elizabeth II
Prince Andrew escorts Queen Elizabeth II to her seat inside Westminster Abbey during the Thanksgiving service for Prince Philip on March 29, 2022. Photo: RICHARD POHLE/POOL/AFP via Getty Images RICHARD POHLE/POOL/AFP via Getty Images