Both the FA and England Under-21s captain, Jordan Henderson, have condemned the actions by those involved in the racism and violence that happened last night in Serbia as England beat the team one-nil in a European Championship play-off match.

Harsh but true last night's events more than indicate that football fans in some parts of Eastern Europe have very deep-rooted issues when it comes to race and colour to say the very least. After the scenes that appalled many of us we at IBTIMES UK aren't the only ones who're expecting severe punishment for all of those involved.

It was this winning stoppage-time goal which put England through to next year European Championship in Israel. But watch this from the moment when scuffles broke out as angry Serbia supporters invaded the field just after the winning England players were chased into the tunnel by angry Serbians. The level to which the game had descended into chaos was astonishing: apparently chairs were ripped up from the stadium, coins, stones and other missiles were thrown from the crowd onto the pitch. And it seems incredulous that - after being one of the target of monkey chanting - black player Danny Rose was sent off after the final whistle for responding angrily to those taunts.

The matter's now with UEFA and Serbia's already been warned by the European footballing body that their teams could be banned from European competitions if fans caused any more crowd trouble. There's no doubt today that people are expecting UEFA to take affirmative action and send a signal to any other fans or teams who don't stop this kind of outrageous behaviour.

Written and presented by Marverine Cole.