Toni Nadal is eager to see his nephew Rafael Nadal overcome Roger Federer's record of 19 men's singles Grand Slam title before the end of his career but admits that it will not be easy.

The Spaniard is currently on 16 major titles following his triumphs at the French Open and the US Open earlier this year and admitted recently that he is keen to break the Swiss ace's record. Nadal has also been backed by former players to catch Federer mainly owing to their five-year age gap.

Both of them have turned back the clock in 2017 after struggling with injuries in 2016. They have won five titles apiece including sharing the four Grand Slams between them. Uncle Toni, who has been Nadal's long-time coach believes their resurgence has been good for the image of tennis.

Nadal and Federer and have stirred up nostalgic feelings among the tennis fans with their return to the top of the world rankings as they are currently number one and two, respectively.

They recently paired up to play doubles for the first time in their careers at the 2017 Laver Cup which raised questions of a future partnership, both have denied the possibility of them playing together in a major tournament and Nadal's coach also believes that it is unlikely to happen as they are fully focused on their singles careers.

"I think for tennis it was very good. Federer and Nadal, like Real Madrid and Barcelona, made the popularity of tennis increase," Toni Nadal was quoted as saying by Tennis World USA.

"It would be good for tennis to see them play together again, but at the moment both of them are focused on singles.

"I want Rafa to overcome Federer's Grand Slam titles. I know it won't be easy, but I didn't think that Federer could win more too. Federer seems to be eternal, but I think Rafa can overcome him," Nadal's long-time coach added talking about his desire to see his nephew beat Federer's record.

Rafael Nadal
Rafael Nadal has been backed to catch Federer's record of 19 men's singles Grand Slam recors Getty