Rare Apple sneakers sell on ebay
This high-priced pair of rare Apple trainers could fetch up to $36,000 at auction. Heritage Auctions

Apple may know a thing or two about stylish electronics but it hasn't always had a perfect track record when it comes to fashion. You may not know it but the company once created a pair of trainers, complete with Apple logo, that were ugly as sin. Despite this, a pair of these rare Apple Computer Sneakers is selling for crazy sums of money.

Back in the 1990s Steve Jobs took inspiration from rival Sony who flaunted the uniformity he desperately sought from their Issey Miyake-designed wear and attempted to roll out his own company clothing. This included a pair of Apple trainers, which were issued to some of its first employees.

The white leather 'sports' sneakers feature the 90s multi-coloured Apple logo stitched on the side and tongue and are about as stylish and nerdy as a pair of straight leg stonewashed jeans. The trainers, which were ditched by the staff, have achieved near mythical status over the years.

Having the holy trinity of being an Apple product, vintage, and rare these classic kicks unsurprisingly come with a staggering price tag.

The pristine pair, listed as size 9.5, is being sold by Heritage Auctions on eBay and through its own website on 11 June and they've already got a starting bid of $15,000 (£11,500). However, the seller believes they could ultimately fetch up to $36,000 (£27,000).

This price tag, however, is unlikely to put off Apple fans who have been snapping up vintage Apple products and memorabilia for thousands. An Apple-1 computer (the first Steve Jobs created) recently sold at auction for $130,000 (£100,000) and fans have been splashing the cash on clothing Jobs once wore including $2,880 (£2,225) for one of his iconic turtleneck jumpers.