Leonardo DiCaprio once invited Denise Post-Van Rijswijk to his table for a drink at an after party. However, the Vengaboys singer declined the offer to the surprise of the Oscar-winning actor.

Speaking to Daily Star, Rijswijk and her bandmate Kim Sasabone revealed why she turned down DiCaprio's offer some 20 years ago. It was because the singers were under a hectic schedule at the time.

"We were at an after party nearly 20 years ago and there was Leonardo DiCaprio. We were dancing on the dance floor and one of his bouncers asked us to come and sit at his table. We were like 'Oh my God, his bouncer is coming to us?'" they were quoted as saying.

Rijswijk added that the actor had expressed a particular interest in her. "They asked me, just to put it out there he was really more into me."

However, the girls said they could not join the Titanic actor despite being tempted to accept his offer because they had a jam-packed schedule the following day.

"The next day we had this big breakfast show, and so we had to politely say no, we had to say 'Sorry, we have to go'. So, Denise turned down Leonardo DiCaprio, that's the best thing that has ever happened," the bandmates said.

The revelation comes just days after Sasabone and Rijswijk claimed that one of their group members was sexually assaulted by a dolphin while shooting a music video.

"There's some inappropriate things that have happened. Robin [Pors], while shooting a music video on a tropical island in the Caribbean was sexually assaulted by dolphins," they said.

The pair added: "It was the video for Hot Hot Hot and we shot it four years ago. They were shooting a water bit, it's kind of crazy. He came out unharmed, thankfully, but it really happened."

Vengaboys emerged on the music scene in the late 1990s with their catchy tunes. The group garnered a mass following at the time with their hit songs such as We're Going to Ibiza, We Like to Party! among others.

The band has made another comeback, but this time they are supporting dancing and singing British group Steps on their Party On the Dancefloor tour, which kicked off in Dublin on 13 November.