Kate Middleton is undoubtedly one of the most loved royals. She has an enormous fan following and people love her for her sincere philanthropic efforts.

Meanwhile, Tatler Magazine has bestowed her with the title of "Catherine The Great" in their July/August cover story. The editor of the magazine's cover story Anna Pasternak suggests that the Duchess of Cambridge has emerged as the star of the British modern monarchy. She is reportedly being called the "kingmaker."

Kate Middleton, as we know, went on to do her duties "serene and smiling" amid all the chaos during Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's exit, Peter Philip's divorce, and Prince Andrew's controversy. Hence, Prince William and Kate have proven their dedication to the people even after their workload grew heavier after Harry and Meghan stepped down as senior royals.

"Kate understands that the only credo of the Royal Family is duty, duty, duty," said one of the courtiers as per the report. "Whereas with the Sussexes it is constant uncertainty, [the Cambridges] represents stability and continuity," the insider added.

Meanwhile, Kate and William, who are currently residing in their Norfolk estate residence Anmer Hall, are busy extending support to their royal patronages and homeschooling their kids. Despite the lockdown, they continue to assist their charitable organisations and those in need at the time of the pandemic alongside their parental duties.

"Kate knows what the country needs and wants. Championing how to raise your children is perfect," a good friend of Kate said. Meanwhile, another one claims that the workload has "exhausted" her. She is currently "working as hard as a top CEO, who has to be wheeled out all the time, without the benefits of boundaries and plenty of holidays." More friends go on to say that she bears a resemblance to late Queen Mother, whom Cecil Beaton who was often described as "a marshmallow made on a welding machine" as she is hiding "spine of steel" underneath her slender body.

The article goes onto discuss Kate and Meghan's heavily scrutinised relationship. "It's no secret that the royal sisters-in-law never got on," reads the article.

Meanwhile, friends to the couple reveal that William did warn Harry to "slow the relationship down."

"Catherine and William were very circumspect from the beginning about Meghan, which hurt and incensed Harry. William rightly cautioned Harry to slow the relationship down. That's why they all fell out. As the rift got deeper between the brothers, Kate, who used to be so close to Harry, tried to pacify things. But her loyalty will always be to William," a friend reportedly said.

Another friend recalls an incident at Meghan and Harry's wedding rehearsal. The two sisters-in-law argued over whether bridesmaids should wear tights or not. While Kate wanted to follow the protocol and have the bridesmaids wear the tights, Meghan wanted it otherwise.

Moreover, it is said that Kate never behaves badly with her staff. One will never get to hear stories about her erratic behaviour from her assistants. She apparently has their support and approval, both.

Kate Middleton with Prince Louis
Prince Louis Getty Images/Matt Porteous

The article concludes suggesting that Kate remains the "woman behind the man who will reign from what Winston Churchill called 'the greatest throne in history.'"