Eccentric hip-hop singer Rihanna is planning to spend her summer in England... with new man Ashton Kutcher.

According to The Sun, the "We Found Love" singer has asked Kutcher to come with her to the UK, when she prepares to kick off her London tour.

The couple has reportedly been dating for eight weeks now. They met at a party thrown by a common friend, in Los Angeles, in December.

Apparently the singer even introduced the "Two and a Half Men" sitcom star to her younger brother, Rorrey, while in New York.

"Rihanna and Rorrey, who releases music under the name GQ, are close so him meeting Ashton is a big deal," a source was quoted in The Sun, "Rihanna clearly thinks things between them are serious."

The pop star's visit to Kutcher's house, at the rather odd hour of midnight, earlier this week (she left at 4 am) has also increased speculation about their relationship.