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Riverdale fans can expect a shocking twist when the Jason Blossom's killer's identity is finally unveiled. Unfortunately his death won't be the last one. On the heels of the season 1 finale on 4 May the CW show's producer has teased another death. And this time, it will set the events of the next season in motion.

Find out what's happening with the bunch of high-school goers on episode 10 titled The Lost Weekend airing this Thursday. Click here to watch the episode live online on 13 April on CW at 9pm EST.

With just two weeks left before the anticipated season finale, there has been a buzz about a second death in Riverdale. And if executive producer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa's words are any indications there is some "truth to that rumour".

"If the rumored death happens, it would go to set up season 2," he said teasing the happening of the next season.

Although the Riverdale EP didn't reveal the "who" aspect about the potential death, he did hint on an intense season 1 finale, which is set to feature the show's "biggest set piece by far".

"It has all the different elements that are great about the show combined into one, meaning there's music in it, there's romance, there's suspense and horror," Aguirre-Sacasa dished about the finale episode titled - To Riverdale and Back Again. "It's kind of like the ultimate Riverdale episode."

Until then, all major Riverdale players including the Blossoms, Coopers, Andrews and Jones are under the scanner as prime suspects of Jason's murder. According to Madchen Amick, the actress who plays Mama Copper in the CW series, fans are in for a total surprise when the Jason Blossom's killer is finally revealed.

"I was surprised; I didn't see it coming," she said teasing, "Those last few episodes that we read at the table reads, I mean, it was intense. Like, we would all get flushed and out of breath, like, 'Oh My God.' It's such a nail bitter."