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Rob Kardashian is known for going into hiding due to his weight gain E!

In the latest episode of Rob & Chyna (aired on 2 October), Rob Kardashian became candid with Scott Disick regarding his social fears, which he developed after his weight gain. During his social reclusion, the Arthur George sock designer cut all his ties with his best friends.

In the episode, Disick asked him to reach out to his former friends, who always loved Rob. "All they want to do is spend time with you... not the outer you, but the inner you. You're lucky enough that you got guys that love you," Kourtney's on and off boyfriend told the father-to-be.

Later, the father-of-three wanted to surprise Rob by arranging a barbeque party where he invited Rob's old friends. However, Rob was not thrilled to learn about it and admitted that he is 'ashamed' of his actions of not responding to his friend's messages and calls. He even missed his best friend's wedding a year and a half back.

"When this sh-- freaks me out I want to go into hiding. I mean, it has to be the right time. I have to feel comfortable... It's been years and years and years of not responding to any messages. I feel embarrassed ... and ashamed," he told Disick (via People).

Unable to deal with the pressure of facing the awkward situation, Rob seeks his elder sister Kourtney's suggestions on it. "Scott's been trying to push me to see my old friends. Scott out of anybody knows how uncomfortable I have been lately... I'm such a recluse. I'm just not comfortable in my own skin," he told his sister.

But contrary to his expectations, the mother-of-three asked him to get done with the barbeque party. "Why don't you just get it over with."

"I don't know what to expect. Where do you even start?" Rob said to the camera. As the party begins, he tried to avoid his friends by hiding in the kitchen, but his fiancé Blac Chyna encourages him to go out and be social.

I have definitely made a bunch of mistakes. But I need to be proactive and work on having a really positive relationship with them. It was good to see all of them," Rob said during his camera confession session.

The next episode will throw more light on how the party went and whether the only Kardashian boy was able to come out of his shell and recreate his bonding with his old friends.

Rob is known for going into hiding due to his weight gain and he is quite vocal about his social insecurities during his show which airs every Sunday on E!.