Rocket League Nintendo Switch
Rocket League is coming to Nintendo Switch, and there's one of those Mario hats players will get to use. Psyonix

Psyonix's smash-hit car-football game Rocket League is heading to Nintendo's home and handheld Switch console later this year. The game was one of the big announcement during Nintendo's big E3 'Showcase' event.

Rocket League on Switch will support all the core features of Switch's hardware, including local multiplayer options for players using the same device or for groups of up to eight connecting wirelessly with their own Switches.

Online play is also supported, and unexpectedly the game will feature cross-platform play. This means Switch players will be able to play with fellow Rocket League competitors on Xbox One and PC, but sadly not PS4.

Switch owners who buy the game will receive exclusive cars and customisation items, including Mario and Luigi hat toppers to decorate cars. with additional details to be announced later this year.

Rocket League has been a massive success since it launched as a free game on PlayStation Plus in July 2015. That brought in millions of players straight off the bat and helped the game become a summertime phenomenon.

Even after the game's month-long status as a freebie, players kept buying the game on console and PC. An Xbox One version followed in February 2016, itself helped by cross-platform play between the Microsoft console and PC.

By June 2016 Rocket League had topped five million sales and 15 million players, so it's clear the game's success hasn't slowed down. In March 2017, Psyonix revealed the game had sold 10.5 million copies and in April it was announced 30 million players were now playing the game.

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