Murray and Djokovic
Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic have both had a year to forget and are expected back in action in 2018 Getty

Roger Federer has issued a warning to Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray that there are no guarantees that their returns will be similar to his.

Federer took six months off from tennis to recover from a knee injury in 2016 and returned in January and went on to win the Australian Open.

The Swiss ace continued what was a dream return as he won another four titles this year, including his eighth Wimbledon victory, returning to the top two of the world rankings in the process.

Djokovic last appeared at Wimbledon and has taken time off until 2018 to recuperate after what has been a year to forget for the Serbian.

Despite two titles in Doha and Eastbourne, Djokovic's overall performances have dropped, pushing him down to six in the rankings.

Murray, the number three-ranked player, is also expected to return next year after having formally withdrawn from the China Open and Shanghai Masters, last appearing at SW19 as well.

The Briton started the year off at the top of the rankings but like Djokovic, has been below par throughout 2017 due to poor form and injuries with just the one title in Dubai.

With the duo expected to return in the new year, many feel they could potentially emulate Federer and be back completely revitalised. However, the 36-year-old claims not every player can have the perfect comeback.

"I think it's exactly what's happening for them right now, they don't know," Federer said, as quoted on the Times. "In a way, there's a lot of stuff you can do in your comeback and they are going to win tournaments again, but at the end of the day not everybody can have the perfect comeback."

"But, as long as you are happy with how you are feeling, that is the perfect comeback for you personally. If I had lost in the first round of the Australian Open but had been feeling fine physically, that would have been a win for me.

"So it depends on what your hopes are, and clearly hoping that you are going to go to Australia or somewhere and win right away, that is far-fetched if you think that far. You are putting yourself under a lot of pressure, so I think you have to give yourself the time."

Federer also believes the pair do not have to change their styles in order to win major titles again.

The Basel native has notably adopted an aggressive approach since his return to action in Melbourne but Federer says Djokovic and Murray are so good that they do not have to stick to a certain style.

"Look, Andy or Novak, we are talking about big champions and future hall of famers, these guys know what they have to do," Federer added. "I feel if you had the success they had, they will be able to get close to it or again do it. I don't worry too much about the playing style."

"You say, 'If they don't play aggressive like Roger does, it's going to be really hard for them.' I disagree with that view. I see where you are coming from but sorry, these guys are so good, they can play different ways. That's what sets them apart from pretty much the rest."

Federer was in Laver Cup action on Saturday (23 September) as he teamed up with Rafael Nadal for the first time in doubles action.

The two tennis legends defeated American duo Sam Querrey and Jack Sock 6-4 1-6 (10-5) to give Team Europe a 9-3 lead, with the winner being the first team to get 13 points.

Federer and Nadal
Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal celebrate during their Laver Cup doubles match Getty