Rolf Harris has penned a "disgusting" song attacking the women he abused.

The convicted paedophile, who was found guilty of subjecting young girls and women aged between seven and 19, to years of sexual abuse, wrote the song in prison where he is serving a six year sentence for his crimes.

According to The Daily Mail, the disgraced entertainer sent the lyrics to someone close him from the Category C Stafford Prison. Harris' friend is said to have been so appalled by the contents of the letter, he decided to hand it to the paper and make it public.

In the misogynistic letter, the 84-year-old describes his victims as money-grabbing mercenaries, who he refers to as "woodworms" who have "climbed up out of the woodwork from 40 years ago".

He pours scorn on the women he indecently assaulted, saying: "Perhaps you think you're pretty still, some perfumed sultry wench?"

Shamelessly castigating the victims, he continues: "Climb up out of the woodwork babe, from forty years ago. The climate's great in Britain now for making loads of dough. You've festered down there long enough, time's right to grab your chance. Clap eyes on a rich celebrity and make the bastard dance."

Writing about 20 alleged victims who have come forward since he was convicted, the reviled sexual predator suggests more accusers may follow. He writes: "My guess is they'll slide after you [his original accusers] all following your stench. Join the feeding frenzy, girls."

He adds that he plans to record the song "the moment I get out" and envisages a "country rock sound with a heavy back beat".

Perhaps, most disturbing is his outrageous claim that he is the victim, as he describes the injustice he has suffered. "After eight months inside, the inner rage has come to the fore," he writes. "I've started writing a song about the injustice of it all."

Harris's complete absence of remorse for his crimes has been described by commentators as sickening.

Rolf Harris
Rolf Harris sent a letter to a friend withthe lyrics to a song in which he launches a vitriolic attack against his victims.

One of Harris' victims told The Mail on Sunday she was "totally revolted" by the letter.

"Despite convictions on every count he has shown no remorse and continues to think he can treat his victims like dirt," she said. "His arrogance is beyond belief. I am devastated by reading this and it will set back my recovery at a time when I am trying to rebuild my shattered life."

The entertainer, who has been stripped of all honours bestowed upon him, including a CBE, describes life behind bars as "no hardship" and reveals he is working as an assistant to the tutor in the prison art room. He believes he will be granted parole by 2017.

Liz Dux, a solicitor from Slater and Gordon, who represents Harris's victims, has called for him to be denied parole,

"And if he is allowed to apply, I sincerely hope this letter is taken into account and he is made to serve his full sentence," she said.

"He put these women through hell during the trial. He has shown them nothing but contempt and arrogance, even in the way he assaulted them.

"They will be distraught at this disgusting song. They came forward because they wanted to see him face justice - it was nothing to do with claiming compensation."

Harris was jailed for six years in 2014 for 12 indecent assaults on girls, aged between seven and 19, carried out between 1968 and 1986.