rottweiler dog
File photo of a rottweiler dog. Phil Sangwell/Creative Commons

A farm worker has reportedly been killed by a guard dog, which then proceeded to eat his flesh.

The rottweiler dog named Tiger was being untied by Mani Ram, 52, in the early hours of the morning when the animal set upon him. Tiger reportedly locked its jaws around Ram's throat and choked him to death.

It is unknown why the dog – which belonged to the farm owner – decided to attack Ram at the farm in the Panipat district of Haryana state, northern India.

But locals said the dog had a history of aggressive behaviour.

An eyewitness said Tiger went on to "maul his face and feast on the flesh from Mani Ram's hands and chest for more than an hour."

Local reports suggested Tiger may have done this in an attempt to escape from his chain, which was trapped under Ram's body.

Video footage of the event posted online shows Tiger next to Ram's body as a a crowd of angry locals attempted to move the dog away. But Tiger responded with barks and the bystanders tried to hit him with sticks. Police appeared too scared to get too close to the dog but he was later captured.

"Nobody wanted to go near the dog because of its aggressive behavior," said police officer Jagdeep Duhan, the Mail Online reported.

Additional Superintendent of Police Chander Mohan added: "We are in the process of getting the beast medically examined about its general condition."

Mohan added that Ram's body had to be moved between several hospitals in order to receive a proper autopsy.