Royal superfan Terry Hutt has spent 11 days camping outside St Mary's Hospital in London waiting for the royal baby to be born.

The former carpenter, who lives in Western-super-Mare, has been wearing a custom-made Union Flag suit during his vigil outside the hospital.

Hutt has waited outside the hospital's Lindo Wing for royal babies to be born for the last 25 years. He camped for 13 days outside St Mary's Hospital before the birth of Prince George.

"I've seen them all come and go," he said. "I've watched them all grow up."

As a present for the new baby, Hutt has brought along a package of knitted red, white and blue booties, a hat, a tiny cardigan and a £5 note, as well as a money box containing £5 for elder brother George.

Hutt revealed he would like the baby to be called Terrence in his honour, if it is a boy, and Amber, after his granddaughter, if it is a girl.

Yesterday he celebrated his 80th birthday on what has been called the second "Great Kate Wait", he said: "What a way to do it."

Kensington Palace marked the occasion by delivering a birthday cake to him.

"They're wishing me well and I'm looking forward to seeing them," he said. "A messenger brought it along. And it was a surprise." A card accompanying the cake offered Hutt best wishes.