Kate Middleton and Camilla Parker Bowles
Kate Middleton (R) and Camilla Parker Bowles during the Trooping the Colour at The Mall on 11 June, 2016 in London, England Getty

In the wake of a recent report claiming a royal feud is brewing between Kate Middleton and Camilla Parker Bowles, Gossip Cop reported a counter argument debunking the conflict rumours. According to the popular rumour debunking website, the two royals are not involved in any feud, despite the sensational claims.

Establishing the facts and the absurdity of the original report — which claimed that the duchesses have been arguing over dressing young Princess Charlotte — Gossip Cop stated that news of their alleged quarrel was based on false speculations.

As per the website, the original article carrying the royal feud news was published by National Enquirer on Friday, 25 November.

"Royal Insult — Princess Kate's Cruel Comparison For Camilla," the dramatic headline read as it continued to make shocking revelations about the alleged conflict.

A supposed royal spy was quoted as saying that the Duchess of Cornwall had found fault with Kate's choice of outfit for her one-year-old daughter.

"This time dissing her for allowing teeny Princess Charlotte to be seen and photographed wearing big brother George's old cardigan sweater," the report stated adding, "Camilla complained to hubby Prince Charles that it makes his princess look like a pauper!"

While Gossip Cop highlighted the absurdity of the report suggesting there was a feud between the royals over a sweater, tension between Kate and the better half of Prince Charles have been reported earlier as well. Author Christopher Anderson had made stirring revelations in his book about the two duchesses as he claimed that the 69-year-old wasn't eager about the Duchess of Cambridge joining the royal family.

"She did not look at Kate as someone who was worthy of joining the royal family. Kate is the first working-class woman to be accepted into the royal family. She is descended from coal miners and her mother was a flight attendant. So for all those reasons, Camilla never really felt that Kate Middleton as an individual and the Middleton family as a whole were going to be worthy of entering into the royal family," Anderson had said.