Russia fended off 70m cyberattacks from foreign hackers says FSB - report
Hackers targeting Russia’s critical infrastructure could face up to 10 years in prison iStock

Russia reportedly warded off a whopping 70 million cyberattacks targeting the nation's critical infrastructure. The Russian intelligence agency FSB (Federal Security Service) said the bulk of the attacks came from overseas, according to a report.

FSB communications and security spokesman Nikolay Murashov told a state Duma committee on Information Policy: "Seventy million cyberattacks [targeted] relevant facilities of the Russian Federation during this year," Russian state-media RT reported.

Murashov added that "at present, Russia has sufficient potential in the development of means of information security", to counter escalating cyberthreats. However, he said there are still companies that remain vulnerable to potential attacks from hackers.

The comments were reportedly made during a committee meeting at which a new bill, titled "On the Security of Critical Infrastructure of the Russian Federation", was considered. It is aimed at boosting security for companies deemed to be part of Russia's critical infrastructure. The bill has reportedly been designed to ensure that companies are adequately equipped to defend themselves against potential cyberattacks.

"There are companies, where, from our point of view, there is not enough attention being paid to this issue," Murashev said.

The draft bill involves compiling a special register of all firms and agencies that control and operate the nation's critical infrastructure. Organisations on the list will be obliged to equip themselves with security detecting and defending tech, which will aid them in countering cyberwarfare. The organisations will be required to report any cyberthreat to the authorities concerned.

The draft bill is also reported to be aimed at preventing potential cyberattacks by imposing harsher punishments on cybercriminals. If passed, hackers targeting Russia's critical infrastructure could face up to 10 years in prison.