The Russian town of Kumertau celebrated its anniversary on 6 June with a wide range of celebrations, including an attempt to create the biggest helicopter model made from horsemeat ever.

The town is located in the Bashkortostan province, between the Volga and the Urals. Its economy revolves around its main industrial hub – a helicopter factory. Horsemeat delicacies are typical cuisine in this part of Russia. Accordingly, a model made of horsemeat sausages was proudly delivered to the town's main square on top of a truck. It had rotating blades and was constructed by a group of local chefs.

"Today's helicopter is made of horsemeat. Our company produces horsemeat sausages. And the helicopter is made exclusively of our products made from organic meat grown in our region," said Liliya Amineva, an entrepreneur who provided the meat.

The helicopter model was measured by a group of experts, which included experienced chefs from Russia and abroad – all supported by plenty of non-alcoholic cocktails.

"Today I've been invited to Kumertau to weigh the biggest helicopter [to be registered] as a record of Russia, as well as an alcohol-free cocktail that they made 110 litres of," Serbian chef Milan Stevanovic said.

Although the model, which was over 3.5m long, about 1.8m high and weighed over 120kg, attracted a lot of attention from Kumertau residents and got into a local book of records, nobody was allowed to eat the sausages after the record was confirmed.

Local authorities said it was unsafe to feed the crowd with meat in an open public space during the summer.