No name is as synonymous with cricket as Sachin Tendulkar, not just in India, but around the world. So when news first hit that a biopic was being made on the Mumbai-born batsman, who broke numerous records during his career, fans and sports enthusiasts were keen to see if the big screen could do justice to the man.

The trailer of the docu-film, Sachin: A Billion Dreams was released on 14 April and offers a few shots portraying Tendulkar's childhood and later moves to scenes from matches that he played. The teaser begins with the batsman speaking about his father Ramesh Tendulkar and goes on to depict the wild child who spent as much time on the field fighting teammates as playing sports.

The scene soon shifts to his time as a member of the official Indian cricket team with commentator Tony Greig's memorable words sailing above the thunderous cheers of fans, "Sachin Tendulkar... Whaddaplaya! What a wonderful player!"

There's even a quick shot of Sudhir Kumar Choudhrie, recognised as one of Tendulkar's biggest fans – who claims to have attended every match the Indian team has played since 2003.

One scene in the trailer that will connect with almost any cricket enthusiast familiar with the Master Blaster's story is the one where a coin is placed on top of the stumps. The action goes back to a habit that one of his earliest coaches, Ramakant Achrekar had of awarding the coin to the bowler who managed to get Tendulkar out.

The cricketer himself appears in the film, which has been directed by London-based James Erskin, with music from AR Rahman. The release date of the film has not been confirmed as of yet.