Sadie Frost has won sympathy from her loyal fan base after making the shocking announcement she has been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at just 52.

The former party girl, who was once married to Jude Law, explained to her 56,000 followers that she is adopting a more holistic lifestyle to try and ease her painful symptoms.

She wrote about her diagnosis in an Instagram post about her travels to India, admitting that she blames herself for her illness.

Upon uploading a beautiful picture of an Indian sunset, she said: "Every time i visit India i discover something new.. i love the culture, philosophies & the faith!

"It reminds me what is important for me.. And being healthy is at the top of my list..
I recently been diagnosed with early RA which can be quite painful!

"Its silly because i blame myself but its mainly a genetic disorder and just happens when things degenerate then inflame."

Speaking about how she has changed her lifestyle, Frost added: "[...] i want to prevent taking hardcore medicine - so the below is for me with an Ayurvedic diet and remedies...

Frost n Moss...happy birthday Kate 🖤

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"Up your omega 3, calcium, Vit C&D
Drink warm water Turmeric, black-pepper, cider vinegar,
Rub sesame oil into the painful areas..
Don't stress . Moderate exercise."

Her fans were quick to offer supportive comments, with one person writing: "Sending you love and healing my sweet ❤."

As another put: "wise words will pass on to my sis who has some RA - blessings to you ."

Someone else commented: "You are an inspiration my wonderful sister. Love you ❤️."

Frost, who is a mother of four, was famously part of the Primrose Hill party set with the likes of Kate Moss, and enjoyed a raucous night out with Courtney Love at the launch of her jewellery collection last year at Isabel's in Mayfair, London.

Happy birthday Jim .. ❤️

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