Manchester sex attacker Sam Rimmer
Sam Rimmer was sentenced to 17 years in prison Getty/GMP

A Manchester teenager who hugged an 84-year-old woman and pleaded for her forgiveness after violently attempting to rape her has been jailed.

Sam Rimmer, 19, of Princess Avenue, Irlam, attacked the woman with a knife in her own bed, before trying to rape her in November 2014.

He pleaded guilty to attempted rape and sexual assault by penetration, and was sentenced to 17 years in prison at Manchester Crown Square on Friday (13 March).

Rimmer broke into the pensioner's Salford home at around 2am on Sunday, 9 November 2014, while she was in bed. She initially thought the noises were caused by her grandson coming home, until she saw Rimmer standing over her in her bedroom.

Rimmer jumped onto the woman's bed, holding a knife in one hand, and began punching her in the shoulders and face.

The woman tried to fight him off, including striking him with her walking stick, but Rimmer repeatedly sexually assaulted her, covering her mouth with his hand. He also stabbed the woman's right arm and slashed her ear.

Before leaving, Rimmer's hugged his victim and told her it should not have happened. A few minutes later, the woman called police.

Detective Inspector Joe Clarke said: "The facts of this appalling case speak for themselves, and the reprehensible and vile actions of Rimmer will, I have no doubt, cause a great deal of shock and upset.

"Quite what possessed this young man to commit such horrific sexual attacks upon a vulnerable woman in her 80s only he can know. This was a sustained, violent and sexual attack on a vulnerable pensioner that lasted about 20 minutes, so it cannot be dismissed as a moment of madness.

"Rimmer left this elderly woman – and later her family – in tears because of the ordeal she had suffered and he deserves every minute of the sentence he has received.

"I hope such a lengthy sentence gives the family some semblance of justice as they continue to rebuild their lives."