As the recall process for the Galaxy Note 7 continues, Samsung has been hit by a peculiar situation where many consumers still have not come forward to return their devices. And, to avoid the risk of being associated with anymore battery explosions, the company has now decided to issue a software update for the device as a temporary fix.

According to a front page Samsung advertisement in Korean newspaper, Seoul Shinmun, the company announced a software update for any users of the Note 7 who might have ignored its recall notice and continue to use the smartphone.

"It is a measure to put consumer safety first but we apologize for causing inconvenience," the advertisement read. The update for South Korean users will start from 20 September as per the ad.

Although the ad does not mention what the fix is, Korean news agency Yonhap has reported that the update will force Note 7's to limit its charge at 60% thus preventing the device from heating up and causing any explosion in case the battery is faulty. It is not clear whether all unlocked models of the Galaxy Note 7 will get this update but the company is said to be in talks with global mobile carriers to deliver the same update.

Keeping the battery level limited to 60% will prevent the battery from exploding as most cases related to explosions of the devices had over heated batteries as its main cause. Samsung has already started warning its consumers not to turn on the phone or charge it and just hand it over at Samsung service centers for the exchange program.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7
The US consumer protection body has asked people possessing the Galaxy Note 7 to stop using it right away JUNG YEON-JE/AFP/Getty Images