Samsung Galaxy S2
Image Credit: Samsung/IBTimes UK Samsung

Quashing the slew of recent reports suggesting the Galaxy S3 was set to be unveiled in March, Samsung has issued a statement clarifying the device won't be appearing anytime soon.

According to The Next Web, Samsung has killed avid fans' hopes and dreams, issuing a statement confirming that while the French media event will occur, the S3 wouldn't be on the guest list.

The Next Web went on to report that the French event would instead concentrate on the company's current line of products.

The news addresses recent reports from French site FrAndroid suggesting the Galaxy S3 would be unveiled at the event on 22 March.

The rumoured March unveiling did corresponds to a previous rumour suggesting the S3 would be released in April. The estimate stemmed from industry insider Eldar Murtazin, who issued his theory earlier in January, tweeting: "@AllAboutSamsung btw april ss [sic] far as I know," when asked about the device's release date.

Eldar Murtazin, though far from an official information source, has a good track record for calling key industry dates. Already he's had several predictions regarding the fate of Blackberry maker RIM, which have turned out to be correct. Murtazin's comments follow a slew of rumours regarding Samsung's follow up to its popular Galaxy S2.

Most recently speculation suggested the device will be just 7mm thick upon release. According to GSM Arena Samsung is aiming to reduce the, currently unconfirmed, S3 to the same minuscule levels as Motorola's current Razr, which measures in at a piddly 7.1mm thick.

Earlier still Apple rumour mill Tip Today's iPhone issued a report claiming a trustworthy unnamed source - please take with a pinch of salt - had confirmed that Samsung and Apple's next flagship devices would be waterproof.

Samsung has not responded to the International Business Times UK's requests for comment.