Samsung's next flagship phone, the Galaxy S7, may not be very far, far away after a well-known leaker tweeted consumers could be seeing the next-generation mobile come 11 March.

Evan Blass, a journalist and famous leaker who specialises in mobile phones, put out a message on his Twitter account saying he believes the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S7 is "starting to look like a Friday, March 11<sup>th release in the US".

Blass, who goes by the Twitter handle @evleaks and has been called the "king of leakers", has revealed the secret details of countless of unreleased mobile phones in the past from Nokia, LG, HTC, Motorola and more. This claim from Blass certainly carries more gravitas than the swarm of unaccredited voices on the internet all claiming to have the scoop on when the next big thing is to launch.

While we've only got a single tweet to go on, Blass not offering any further details and the date itself still yet to be officially announced by Samsung, the timing does appear to make sense with Samsung expected to unveil the handset at Mobile World Congress, which takes place on 22-25 February. With handsets usually hitting stores around two weeks after an unveiling perhaps Blass' prediction is spot on. Whether this release date is the same for the UK, however, is yet to be known.

Samsung Galaxy S7: Specs, features, release date

The Galaxy S7 has been through the rumour mill a lot in the run-up to launch, with more leaks on its spec and features than Edward Snowden after a few sherries. The new handset is expected to be part of four launched by Samsung: the Galaxy S7, S7 Plus, S7 Edge and S7 Edge Plus.

The S7 will have the same 5.1in display as the current S6 but all handsets are rumoured to come with a pressure-sensitive touchscreen like Apple's iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. The new line-up is also expected to feature fast-charging via USB Type-C, an upgraded camera, wireless charging and expandable storage on the S7.

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