The Marble White version of the Samsung Galaxy S3 faces issues with its "build quality", a report on Phone Arena suggests. It seems small cracks have appeared on the rear cover.

Samsung Galaxy S3
Samsung Galaxy S3 white model is suffering from paint issue. Phone Arena

The publication claims to have obtained photographs of the white Galaxy S3 phones, showing cracks on the battery cover. The particular device on which the cracks were noticed was bought with a case cover and that cover, so we understand, has never been removed from the device. The cracks appeared on the rear, mostly around the camera lens, when the case cover was taken off a few days ago. The source said the cracks were not visible on the inner side of the battery cover. Meanwhile, the issue has been confirmed by a second user but there is as yet no word on official numbers.

Marble White Samsung Galaxy S3
One more person have confirmed with the similar crack issue on his white Galaxy S3 model. Phone Arena

Prior to the S3's market launch, there were reports suggesting manufacturing difficulties for the Pebble Blue model. Samsung had to destroy some 600,000 Pebble Blue battery covers since they were defective; this, it was declared, led to the late arrival of the blue-coloured Galaxy S3. Retailers across different locations were told of the delay from the original shipping date of 29 May.

"Dear customer, Thank you ordered a Samsung Galaxy S3 Blue Pebble of us. We are sorry to announce that we will not deliver it on release date, which is on 29/5. This is because the supplier has suddenly stopped all deliveries of the blue mobile. This applies to all retailers and operators in Scandinavia, and is not something that only affects CDON.CO. We have tried to maintain a dialogue with Samsung, but without success. Samsung says that the preliminary shipping date is week 22, but this is unfortunately not something that we are yet to confirm. CDON.COM will compensate all effected customers by sending out a free coupon for the license to Samsung navigator (value of 599). We would again like to emphasise that there are some blue models to Scandinavia before the release, nor any dealer or any operator. We apologise for the inconvenience. Sincerely CDON.COM," read a mail sent to a Scandinavian retailer.