VR roller coasters to debut for the first time in the US
Samsung and Six Flags partner to launch VR roller coasters in North America Samsung

Samsung and Six Flags have joined hands to bring the first ever virtual reality (VR) roller coaster rides to North America. The amusement park giant has announced that henceforth, Samsung will be its "official technology partner".

Six Flags will offer its customers a VR experience via Samsung's Gear VR headsets, powered by Oculus. The experience will be available in nine of its amusement parks across North America and include scenarios like dog fights with aliens and taking an aerial tour of Metropolis with Superman.

Samsung America's marketing head Marc Mathieu said: "Now, people can be immersed into a totally new universe while riding a roller coaster, powered by Samsung Gear VR virtual reality devices. This transforms the modern roller coaster into a totally new, one of a kind sensorial experience – powered by technology. We are excited to work with the premier brand in theme parks to bring Samsung's VR technology to nine Six Flags locations across the US."

Six flags marketing and sales VP, Brett Petit, said: "This will blow people away."

"Everything is more intense and more heightened than reality," said Thomas Wagner, the CEO of VR Coasters. He added that the VR experience will incorporate "realistic 3D movement in virtual reality combined and precisely synchronized with the real movement of the coaster".

For those wary about the added technological twist to the ride, he assured: "It will be individually choreographed to each unique coaster and synced to each rider. There is no motion sickness," USA Today reported.

Six Flags has been working on developing viable VR experiences for quite some time. However, the recent partnership with Samsung is what clinched the matter. The amusement park will have a system that makes use of the latest Samsung Galaxy smartphone model, which will be locked within Samsung's Gear VR headset, powered by Oculus. The contraption will be upgraded with additional head and chin straps to ensure that the device remains secure during the topsy-turvy roller coaster ride.

Six Flags will have two new VR experiences: the New Revolution VR experience, which involves realistic dog fights against aliens, using even weapons firing game controllers. This will be available at five of Six Flags' parks. The other is Superman VR coasters at three parks.

Here are the parks that will offer the New Revolution VR experience:-

  • Dare Devil Dive at Six Flags Over Georgia outside of Atlanta, opening March 12 to Season Pass Holders as a special sneak preview.
  • Shock Wave at Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington, opening March 10 to Season Pass Holders as a special sneak preview.
  • The New Revolution at Six Flags Magic Mountain near Los Angeles, opening March 26 to Season Pass Holders as a special sneak preview.
  • Ninja at Six Flags St Louis in Eureka.
  • Steamin' Demon at The Great Escape in Lake George, New York.
  • Goliath at La Ronde in Montreal.

Here are the parks that will offer the Superman VR experience:-

  • SUPERMAN Krypton Coaster at Six Flags Fiesta Texas in San Antonio.
  • SUPERMAN The Ride at Six Flags New England in Agawam, Massachusetts.
  • SUPERMAN Ride of Steel at Six Flags America in Upper Marlboro, Maryland.