Samsung Upgrade Programme for Galaxy S7/S7 Edge
Samsung Upgrade Programme goes live in the UK Samsung

Just a few days ahead of the official rollout of Galaxy S7 and its curved screen spin-off, which is scheduled on 8 March, Samsung officially launched its Upgrade Programme for consumers in the UK. The new scheme allows buying the latest Galaxy device every 12 months by paying just £24.58 a month.

If you cannot afford paying the whole sum for the latest Galaxy model, you can opt to pay the monthly fee spread over two years. The best part of this programme is you can get the device without going for a contract with any carrier network and can purchase it directly.

Samsung is selling the Galaxy S7 at a suggested retail price of £569 and the S7 Edge at £639. But if you find it is too much, you can join the new upgrade programme. If you join the programme to buy the Galaxy S7 at £569, you will need to pay 14.9% APR (interest per year), which means the total cost of the device would come up to £646.82. Those pre-ordering the new S7 models will get Gear VR headset for free.

According to Samsung Upgrade terms and condition, the offer to upgrade will be available for a limited period of time, which is following the release of the new handset.

"At the end of the first year of your finance agreement, subject to 3.6, you may, if you choose and are eligible to do so, upgrade to the latest Samsung Galaxy handset. If you choose to do this, and you meet the conditions set out in these terms regarding the new finance agreement and your existing handset, we will settle the outstanding balance on your original finance agreement provided you are not in arrears and are up to date with payments under the agreement," says the terms and condition of the upgrade plan.

"You will be required to enter into a new 24 month finance agreement relating to the purchase of the new (upgraded) handset. We will notify you if the Upgrade Programme is available to you in any given year." Head over to Samsung UK's official site to know more about the Upgrade Programme.