Samsung will be able to see how much HTC is paying Apple to licence its patents, following a ruling from a US court.

Apple and HTC settled their patent dispute and signed a 10-year patent licensing agreement earlier this month, but did not make the details public. The two companies had previously agreed to share the details of the deal with Samsung, except for mentions of the amount of royalties involved.

Analysts have speculated that HTC could be paying Apple around $6 to $8 per phone it sells as part of the deal, but HTC chief executive Peter Chou branded these figures as "outrageous" and "very, very wrong".

The latest decision by the court could have a big impact on the legal tussle between Apple and Samsung that has been waged over patents across the globe. Apple won a historic court battle in California in September though Samsung has appealed the decision, claiming there were several issues with the jury.

Written and presented by Alfred Joyner