Sarah Ferguson co-hosted the Nov. 1 episode of "Loose Women"
Sarah Ferguson, here on "Loose Women", said she wants the royal family to just be able to unite and show love and forgiveness this Christmas. Photo: Sarah Ferguson/Instagram Sarah Ferguson/Instagram

Sarah Ferguson admits that she just wants the royal family to gather together and show love and forgiveness this festive season.

The Duchess of York appeared on Lorraine Kelly's breakfast show on ITV to talk about the royal family's Christmas plans. The talk show host asked if the entire family would be able to gather together and unite in the holiday spirt.

She said: "Christmas is coming up, now look, do you think one time the whole family, all of you, will be able to have Christmas together? Christmas brings people together, doesn't it? And that's what it should do!"

To which the 64-year-old royal replied: "I couldn't agree more. If we watch enough of these Christmas movies and sing enough of these Christmas songs... can we just all have love, forgiveness and happiness and joy?"

Ferguson continued: "I feel strongly the greatest gift you can give today is understanding, no judgement, no race, creed, colour or any other domination, just love. There's no better gift than love."

She added: "People say to me, you don't wear your heart on your sleeve, Fergie or Sarah, you wear it all over your body because that's what I am. I really believe you can give love."

The Duchess of York made the comments amid the race row controversy surrounding King Charles III and Kate Middleton. They were named as the alleged "racist" royals who raised concerns about the complexion of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's son, Prince Archie, even before he was born.

Their names were mistakenly included in the Dutch version of royal author Omid Scobie's new book called "Endgame: Inside the Royal Family and the Monarchy's Fight for Survival". They have yet to comment on the allegation and neither Prince Harry nor Meghan Markle have confirmed they were the royal family members they referred to in their March 2021 Oprah interview.

Prince William and Kate Middleton refused to reply when reporters asked them about the racism claim as they attended the Royal Variety Performance two weeks after Scobie released the original version of his book on November 28. The Dutch copy had to be rescinded and pushed back for release on December 8.

The public was made aware of Kate Middleton and King Charles III being the alleged "racist" royals mentioned in the Dutch copy of "Endgame" after Piers Morgan revealed their names on his "Uncensored" show last week. He said the British public deserves to know their identities since they are paying for the royal family with their taxes.