Amid bites of fresh avocado, roasted red peppers, curried ginger, and quail egg, patrons of Parisian restaurant 'Le Festin Nu' will also crunch into scorpions, grasshoppers, and giant waterbugs.

'Le Festin Nu' or The Naked Feast, located in the heart of the trendy 18th arrondissement, is the first restaurant in Paris to incorporate insects onto its menu.

26-year-old chef and owner of the bar, Elie Daviron, is the creative mind behind these unusual plates.

Why eat insects? Daviron cited several reasons, the first being ecological benefits. Insects are less expensive in terms of money, water, and space, for the planet to produce than traditional meats. Critters are also an excellent source of protein and rich in omega 3 fatty acids, he said.

Above all, however, by incorporating insects onto his menu, Daviron aims to offer customers a unique culinary opportunity.

The insects arrive salted and sealed in packages from Thailand. This preservation does not distort the critters' shape -- eyes, wings, crooked legs, and antennae are delivered and served intact.

While some might cringe at the idea of eating beetles garnished with pesto, Davilon said customers' responses to the dishes have been largely positive.

Because the insects arrive pre-packaged, pre-preserved, and ready to eat, Daviron directly incorporates them onto small plates.

Presented by Adam Justice