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Gomez is reportedly happy with Bieber than she was with her The Weeknd Getty

Selena Gomez is reportedly planning to reintroduce her former flame Justin Bieber to her family during Thanksgiving so that he could get a chance to "repair damaged family relationships".

Gomez, who has been spotted on numerous outings with Bieber in the recent weeks following her breakup with The Weeknd, wants to show a better version of the Baby singer to her family, a HollywoodLife report claims. Gomez and The Weeknd dated for 10 months.

"Selena is already planning the holidays in her home state of Texas with Justin and her family," the source told the celebrity gossip website.

The source continued, "She desperately wants him to repair damaged family relationships by showing everyone how much he has grown, changed, and matured."

Gomez, 25, is said to be hoping that her family members accept and do not judge Bieber (23) when she brings him home to her family.

"Selena is excited to prove to her close family how much Justin has changed and become a responsible, loving guy," the source said.

The gossip website also says that Gomez is happy with Bieber than she was with her The Weeknd.

"Selena seems much happier with Justin than she ever was with The Weeknd," another source said.

The source added, "While Selena was with Abel, her health played a big role in her happiness and now that she is with Justin, her health issues have improved dramatically. Things between Selena and Abel were difficult because they were both working a lot. They were forced to travel a lot to see each other and with him touring, there was another level of stress that was added to the relationship that does not exist between Selena and Justin."

Bieber and Gomez dated on and off from 2011 to 2014.