shannara chronicles
Amberle, Wil and Eretria in The Shannara Chronicles MTV

The lead characters of the Shannara Chronicles – Amberle, Wil and Eretria – have started their historic journey to save the ancient tree Ellcrys, which is becoming weak with each passing day. Their quest to find the seed of the ancient tree, that must be taken to Safehold, is not as easy as it appears.

Apart from natural and supernatural challenges, the trio need to solve their differences to form a stronger team. Their main challenge at the moment is Dagda Mor, the shape-changing demon.

The synopsis of episode 5 titled Reaper suggests that the latest demon is going to be the biggest hurdle for the Elven princess, the half elf-half human and the wily thief. The promo of the episode reveals that Eretria and her rovers will again deceive the quest by stealing the elfstone from them.

Meanwhile, the trio's guide, Allanon, will sense the link between the Ellcrys and the princess, but since the tree is dying slowly, he reveals that he "could no longer feel her [Amberle] presence". Amberle, Wil and Eretria must overcome their differences to survive their quest, and the Reaper; Ander seeks help in finding the Dagda Mor from an unlikely ally.

Further, Austin Butler who plays Wil told The Wrap about what are the challenges his character will face and why the three were chosen for the quest to find the seed. "There are endless challenges along the way, but it's their destiny to be on this journey together. And you get to learn on the way why each of them was chosen for this. In the beginning, Wil did not seem heroic at all ... he's been chosen for this journey, but you kind of wonder why. Each of them you kind of get to see — episode by episode, as challenges arise — why each of them was chosen," he told the website.

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