USA Network's new series Colony is garnering a lot of attraction from fans for its post apocalyptic drama where Lost actor Josh Holloway and Sarah Wayne Callies play the lead. Set in a world invaded by aliens, the show features a "Factory" that is made for people who disobey the Collaborator's laws. Executive producer Carlton Cuse reveals that fans will learn more about the creepy and mysterious prison.

"It's connected to the larger mystery of what are "our hosts," as we refer to them, doing here? We'll definitely learn more about The Factory this year, and it has a lot of ongoing story importance. I don't want to say too much, because it will spoil our plans," he told Hollywood Reporter.

The show appears to be somewhat inspired by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's Mr & Mrs Smith. Like them, the lead couple in Colony work for opposite organisations and keep it a secret from each other. This is expected to create a lot of drama in upcoming episodes. Callies hints that the secret between the couple may last a little longer than fans expect.

"I'll say that we were shooting episode 6, and our director turned to me and said, "I don't think your husband should watch this episode," she told EW.

"I said, "Why?" he said, "Because no man wants to know that his wife can lie that easily." It's possible that Katie can keep it up for quite a while. The problems start not to be logistical problems of how do I maintain this lie, but emotional problems of how do I deceive someone I care so deeply about," she added.

The show is set in a world where the "Hosts" have invaded the earth during the "Arrival" and have employed a human force to regulate the planet's population. To survive the ruthless rule and find their lost son, the couple Will and Katie Bowman take different paths by secretly being associated with the opposite groups.

By the end of the second episode A Brave New World, Will joins the Collaborators and is puzzled about who is leaking his information to the Resistance group. Little does he know that it is none other than his own wife.

The survivors of the Arrival are now under the control of the "Redhats" or Collaborators who have imposed an emergency of sorts forcing the public to ration their food and water and ride bicycles. In order to gain more control over them, the Redhats even try to forcibly separate loved ones, order shoot-on-sight curfews and in the end send the guilty to the Factory.

Colony airs every Thursday on USA Network.