Sharon Osbourne
Sharon Osbourne has said she arranged the bachelorette party for her niece Grant Lamos IV/Getty Images

Sharon Osbourne has revealed how her niece was left in tears during the latter's bachelorette party in England. The X Factor judge has said that she ruined her niece's party when the male stripper that she hired got out of control.

"I arranged the bachelorette party for my niece in England — and a very nice girl she is too," wife of Ozzy Osbourne said, according to The Sun. "I hired a stripper for her, the stripper came in and of course I told him who was the bride to be."

The mother-of-three asked the man to get close and personal with her brother's daughter ahead of her nuptials. The stripper did just that by going nude and beyond. The stripper, according to Sharon, approached her niece – who was seated at a table - from behind and put his penis on top of her head. He then wrapping her hair around his penis, Sharon said.

"Then he stopped that and stood right at the side of her and he said 'Can you tell me what time it is?' But he had wrapped his penis around his wrist," the 64-year-old said.

"She started to cry so bad, she was sobbing and shaking, and I had to take her outside. I felt so bad. She is a nice girl — not like me. I felt terrible I ruined her whole party."

Osbourne said that she could never forgive herself for the X-rated stunt that left her niece in tears.

Sharon, who is currently filming the auditions for this year's X Factor alongside Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh and Nicole Scherzinger, also hit out at women who are date much younger men. She has said that an age gap beyond 15 years makes her "uncomfortable".