steve mcdonald
Steve and Leanne are left horrified after baby Oliver almost has an accidental prescription drugs overdose ITV

Coronation Street's Steve McDonald will be in for a nasty surprise when he discovers he could have killed his son with a prescriptions drugs overdose.

The troubled character who is played by Simon Gregson is making a disaster out of co-parenting baby Oliver with Leanne Battersby (Jane Danson), following his wife Michelle Connor's (Kym Marsh) devastating miscarriage.

In a cruel twist, little Oliver is going to end up in hospital next month. Doctors suspect that the seriously ill child could have meningitis, until it is discovered that he has had too many doses of baby drugs, including antihistamine.

The devastating accident occurred due to a breakdown in communications between Oliver's parents during the day. Each parent gives him medicine but neither mentions to the other what they have given him.

Speaking about the storyline, a source told The Mirror: "Steve's still getting over the death of Ruairi when Oliver is rushed to hospital after taking a sudden turn for the worse.

"It is a very emotional storyline and aimed at warning parents who have split but share care of their children that they need to communicate for the safety of the child," they added.

Thankfully for Steve and Leanne, the doctors give their baby the all clear and say he will have no lasting damage, but Steve is fully aware that his son's life could have been in jeopardy.

The scare comes after Steve has revealed he is going against Leanne's wishes and will be fighting for his rights to be a part of baby Oliver's life. Nick and Leanne were left stunned after Steve barged into their home and told them that he would be going for joint custody.

Coronation Street continues tonight (7 April) at 7pm on ITV.