Watch Dogs Xbox One Screenshots 2

Yesterday, Ubisoft's much awaited Watch Dogs received its launch date as 27 May. While the open-world action game will have many wonderful innovations that promise to entice gamers, is it a title that GTA 5 fans should bother pre-ordering? Yes. Here's why the game stands out.

1) Think of it as a GTA of Future

Even though the game has many of the most popular elements that players have already enjoyed in other open world action titles, Watch Dogs is a game that's set in the future, and it's a future like no other.

Being able to control the city of Chicago through a phone is an idea that the game's developers have managed to implement rather well.

2) More Detail Than You Can Digest

Even though the game is set in a fictional version of Chicago, the attention to detail is simply astounding. Apart from this, players will be able to profile every single person or character that they come across on the streets via their smartphone.

Professions, salaries, web browsing habits, medical conditions and much more can be accessed, apart from being able to eavesdrop on their phone calls and read their text messages.

3) Exceptional Amounts of Variety

The game comes with a multitude of gameplay systems, starting with CTOS towers, you can hack them to unlock new hacking opportunities on the map. And then comes a skill tree which can constantly sprout new abilities from areas like hacking, combat and much more.

After this, players can choose how they'd like to approach missions. For the more stealthy players, there's a powerful stealth system that they can use to get things done quietly. However, if you're feeling like Rambo, then you can simply run around shooting everything in sight.

4) Sensible AI

Imagine running around with an assault rifle on a busy street in GTA 5. Not too many people would care, right? However, try the same thing out in Watch Dogs and people in the area will call the cops on you.

Owing to the fact that you're rather good at hacking all things electronic, you'll be able to find the guy making the call, snatch his phone, destroy it and move on without hurting him.

5) Fighting the Fuzz

Watch Dogs requires players to take a different approach when it comes to fending off the ever enthusiastic police. For instance, if a player is being chased by a few police cars, they can manipulate traffic signals, erect road blocks and do several other things to get away.

In short, the game uses police evasion measures that are far more complex than simply spray painting your car with a new color.