Its tongue-in-cheek tone isn't often compared to the likes of Disney fairy tales, but The Simpsons just received a 'happily ever after' twist, as its new 'couch gag' offered a different kind of opening to the show.

Numerous guest animators have edited the opening 'couch gag' segment in the past, but now, Eric Goldberg, who created the likes of Aladdin, Pochahontas and Hercules, seemingly hasn't held back on putting his own spell on the legendary American sitcom as he features as guest animator. The new opening sequence aired last night (24 April).

The clip begins with baby Maggie going vintage in black and white, paying homage to Steamboat Willie - Disney's first animated movie - with inanimate objects bouncing along to her rhythm (of course, the dummy stays intact). It then shows Lisa stepping out of a pumpkin carriage, in a nod to Cinderella, before receiving a magical makeover and finding herself in a very pretty pink ball gown.

Marge is also looking particularly glamorous as Snow White, as she enthusiastically cleans up after the seven dwarfs, whilst Homer enters as Baloo the bear from The Jungle Book, featuring music rather similar to the 1967 original's Bare Necessities theme tune. Last but not least, Bart finishes off Goldberg's guest segment as the sorcerer's apprentice from Fantasia and indulges his evil side.

Marge Simpson becomes Snow White for the Eric Goldberg animated couch gag Fox

The Simpsons and Disney have had a rocky relationship in the past, with the former poking fun at The Mouse's theme parks in "Itchy & Scratchy Land" with Disney lawyers having a pop at Springfield school's carnival for using the term "Happiest place on earth" and also including a Circle of Life ceremony in classic episode "Simpsons Safari."

Season 27 of The Simpsons has made headlines recently as Waylon Smithers finally came out as gay in the worst kept secret of the show, a storyline which was inspired by the writer's son. It will also see the show go 'live' for the first time in its history, with a segment featuring Homer going on air in the 15 May episode.

The Disney-inspired gag got a positive response from regular viewers, with one fan taking to Twitter writing: "Wow, even the xerox-style lines for the Jungle Book era tribute were spot on!" as another wrote, "The Jungle Book reference cracked me up".

One more fan added: "Love Marge's 'Snow White' opening and Homer and Bart's rattlesnake and scorpion fight."