The Simpsons season 27
First Look at Sideshow Bob killing Bart on The Simpsons season 27 Fox

After failing for 26 seasons, Sideshow Bob will finally manage to kill his arch nemesis Bart Simpson in the current season of The Simpsons. The annual Halloween special episode titled, Treehouse of Horror XXVI, will air on 25 October at 8pm EST on Fox Network.

The official synopsis of episode 5 reads as follows:

In the twenty-sixth annual Simpsons Halloween special, Homer suddenly gets short-term memory loss, Bart, Lisa and Milhouse all get superpowers from radiation, and Sideshow Bob finally kills Bart.

Although Bob may kill Bart, fans would look forward to know what will happen after that? Simpsons executive producer Al Jean told Entertainment Weekly, "You never saw the Road Runner lose. This time you do. His whole life has just been about killing Bart, so what's next? We deal with how Bob would really feel once he accomplished this goal he's had his whole life."

When asked how would Bob manage to kill his nemesis, Jean teased, "There's a betting pool on the manner of death. What I'm going to say is: Everyone in the pool is going to win because he gets killed so many times."

While the Halloween special is still a couple of weeks away, Puffless (the title of the episode 3) will air on 11 October o Fox. In the episode, fans will get to see Marge's sisters Selma and Patty move in with the Simpsons.

The official synopsis of the episode 3 reads as follows:

Patty and Selma quit smoking after learning their father died of lung cancer. When Selma relapses, Patty moves in with the Simpson family.

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