Sir Cliff Richard
Sir Cliff insisted his relationship with the BBC is 'fine' BBC1

Sir Cliff Richard made an appearance on The One Show to promote his new album, even though he is suing the BBC.

The veteran singer recently announced that he was taking legal action against the broadcaster after a raid on his home was televised live during an investigation over allegations of historical sexual assault.

However, Sir Cliff seemed to be able to put his outrage aside as he appeared on BBC1 to promote his 102nd album, Just Fabulous Rock n Roll.

Presenter Alex Jones addressed the elephant in the room, asking the star why he had agreed to appear on the show.

"Now, this is a bit awkward! We've never had a guest on the show who is trying to sue the BBC," she said.

"Sometimes they've tried to sue before and sometimes after but never like this! A lot of people must be thinking 'Why are you sitting here on the sofa?' But what is your relationship with the BBC like?"

"The relationship is just fine," he responded, explaining that his love of radio shows such as The Archers and the Today programme was a factor in his ongoing association with the BBC.

"The BBC to me is The One Show and the radio shows I listen to. I listen to them all over the world," he explained.

The 76-year-old was at the centre of an investigation by South Yorkshire Police following accusations dating between 1958 and 1983 made by four men. He was never arrested or charged and his case was discontinued by the Crown Prosecution Service in June on the grounds of insufficient evidence.

In October Sir Cliff, who has always maintained his innocence, launched legal action against the BBC and South Yorkshire Police over allegations that law enforcement sources tipped off the news team to the raid taking place at Richard's home.

Commenting on the investigation he said: "The accusations were so absurd - I didn't think it would take this amount of time. You feel like you're in a hole. No matter how much you're loved by your fans, friends or family, when you go to bed at night, you're still no your own. You just think 'How can I escape this emotional trauma?'

"I can't explain to you how terrible those two years were - but it's over now!"

Describing the ordeal of the two-year police investigation as a "living hell" he said he is now looking to the future as he anticipates the release of his 102nd album.

"I'm doing things now that I have put off for two years. At least I have the privilege of speaking about it and pouring my heart out but even that will disappear," he explained, as reported by Mail Online.

Sir Cliff made his first major public appearance since the investigation at the Pride of Britain Awards on 31 October, where he was greeted by a standing ovation.

Just Fabulous Rock n Roll releases on 11 November.