The estranged wife of Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash has responded to his claims that their marriage was not valid. Perla Ferrar, who is in the midst of divorcing the musician, says she feels "humiliated" after Slash reportedly filed court documents alleging that she was already married when they wed in 2001.

Slash, real name Saul Hudson, filed for divorce from Ferrar for the second time in 2014. According to TMZ, the 51-year-old musician claimed Ferrar was still married to her previous husband Carlos Marty when they walked down the aisle more than a decade ago.

Reacting to her estranged husband's allegations, Ferrar told the website on 31 October: "News travels fast doesn't it? You know what, I have no idea why [Slash has made the claims].

"It's very hurtful to me and disrespectful to our children. And I gave him 18 years of my life; it's a bit unexpected, and humiliating and disrespectful to our family. It's quite sad. We got married two times."

Ferrar, who managed several of Slash's business ventures, also recalled her experience watching Slash reunite with his Guns N' Roses bandmates at California's Coachella music festival in April. She admitted: "It should have been a more celebratory thing for our family because their father was back with his band and playing at Coachella. But that's when I realised there was a lot of tension and bad blood between Slash's camp toward me."

When asked if she had contact with Slash at the music event, Ferrar replied: "I certainly didn't but the kids were able to see him. The day that their dad played they got the VIP treatment," adding that their children had to use general admission during the remainder of the festival. The former couple are parents to sons London, 13, and Cash, 11.

Slash is allegedly arguing that Ferrar and Marty's divorce papers were not properly filed in 1994. Ferrar says that a judge finalised their divorce in 2009 and made it retroactive to 1994, meaning her marriage to Slash would indeed be deemed valid. Slash is reportedly trying to block Ferrar from having access to half of his earnings throughout their marriage.

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Slash reunited with his Guns N' Roses bandmates, including Axl Rose, at Coachella music festival in April 2016 Kevin Winter/Getty Images