The London School of Marketing (LSM) has launched what it calls the world's first MBA course that students can study on their smartphones. The course uses an online platform that offers students direct access to tutors and learning materials via their mobile device, allowing them to study whenever and wherever they want, regardless of location.

LSM, which attracts a large number of overseas students, said it had launched the initiative in response to growing demand from its students who want to be able to study on the move and fit learning around their lives. Courses currently on offer include an MBA in business studies and a Masters and two undergraduate courses in the same subject.

LSM has also set up access points across towns and cities worldwide where students can meet to study together and share work. Anton Dominique, CFO of LSM, said: "Our blended learning approach to higher education gives the student the best of both worlds. They can study at a time and place to suit them and we've adapted the technology we use to make that happen. Everyone has a smartphone now, so it makes sense to run courses which our students can access while they're on the move."

Hundreds of students have already signed up to use the technology, LSM said, which has additionally attracted 61 Recognised International Business Development Partners across the globe. Dominique added the platform was proving particularly popular with international students who wanted to study while remaining in work.

"We aim this blended learning approach at overseas students who don't want to give up good jobs to come over to the UK to study. Our students, mainly from developing countries, tend to be professional people, in good jobs who don't want to give up what they're doing to take time out to study.

"They also don't want the expense associated with moving to and attending a UK university to achieve the qualification they want. That cost can be in excess of £30,000. With our courses they can study while they work, can study when they want and the added bonus is that they come away from it all with a degree from a UK university."

According to LSM, the e-learning market in developing countries has accelerated in recent years, up from £20bn ($29bn, €26bn) in 2010 to £70bn ($100bn, €90bn) in 2015.

Dominique added: "Education is for everyone and this is another step towards making that possible."