Get ready for an outpouring of tears and hand-wringing which could yet break the internet: the Japanese politician whose explosion of emotion sent him viral has officially lost his job.

Assembly member Ryutaro Nonomura has tendered his resignation over the scandal which prompted him to collapse in floods of tears at a press conference last week.

His theatrical display was videoed and quickly became a web hit, as viewers lapped up a display of contrition by a politician who has few equals when it comes to displaying emotion.

But banging his fists on the table, blubbing loudly and collapsing in sobs as he claimed to have "put my life on the line for Japan," was simply not enough.

Nonomura has stepped down over allegations he misused around £20,000 of public funds to treat himself to relaxing spa days at a springs resort.

His departure seems like a good time to revisit these Oscar-worthy histrionics. It is frightening to imagine what Nonomura might do now he has actually lost his job.